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Bring THE RELUCTANT RADICAL to your community! Documentary film is a powerful tool that engages both our hearts and minds, fostering dialogue, reflection, and engagement.

Host a screening at your church, synagogue, community center, library, school, home or wherever you can make it work.

Screening Kits include:

  • A download of the digital movie file.  

  • Customizable digital files of fliers to easily promote the screening.

  • Organizing and promotional tips to ensure a successful screening.

  • A discussion guide to help facilitate meaningful conversations.

Consider inviting the film's subject, Ken Ward, and/or filmmaker Lindsey Grayzel for a virtual Q & A after your screening. 

"The film will disturb you, and that isn't all bad. Sometimes we need to be shaken from our complacency to ponder anew what should be our response to the greatest crisis that human civilization has ever faced...Viewing The Reluctant Radical in our faith communities may just create that opportunity. As Ward observes, 'Direct action creates opportunities for moral clarity.'"

-Terrance Gallagher, United Church of Christ

"Our showing in Missoula sparked deep conversation among our leadership team and brought many new members to 350 Montana."

- Jeff Smith, Co-Chair 350 Montana

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